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Originally from Pennsylvania, I moved to Florida in 1998 to escape the harsh climate. Seeking a more advantageous career and warmer lifestyle, I began mortgage loan processing in Tampa in 1999; and since then processed over a thousand loans. Over the years I have developed a highly efficient, organized and detailed loan processing system that enables me to handle high loan volume.

Over 15 years of processing and closing experience with  FHA, VA, USDA & FNMA residential mortgage loans. Mortgage Loan Origination and structuring has given me an edge over my competitors. Continually licensed as a Florida Mortgage Broker since 2006 and NLMS licensed since 2010, I have worked with many national leading Investors. Notary Public Certified.

A1 Mortgage Processing is at the forefront of the ever changing mortgage industry and works closely with our Brokers, Investors, Realtors, and Borrowers. We are fully committed to meeting and exceeding expectations, while delivering professional, courteous service.

Dedicated to communication, proficiency, accuracy and most importantly, closing loans.

Spend more time marketing and originating


You can easily decide if your future includes getting bogged down after the loan application, or if it's focusing on obtaining new business, new relationships and cultivating existing alliances. Having those goals in mind now can help you achieve the financial security you'll need when it's time.


I am proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for expediting the loan process and achieve timely closings. We help guide and assist your home buyers with their goal in obtaining The American Dream.

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